Nordic Ecolabeled furniture from Hoppekids

Full assortment from Hoppekids - Danish design and certified by the Nordic Ecolabel. 100% sustainable and safe furniture for your kids room. Hoppekids is well known for their world class quality.

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Danish design from Hoppekids

Hoppekids is a Danish-owned children’s furniture-factory with a big love for the environment – and (multi)functional furniture’s for the children’s room. That is why multiple of Hoppekids furniture’s carries the Nordic Ecolabel and all furniture are treated with water-based varnish, free from unnecessary chemicals.

With the flexible bed systems and creative textile universes, it will be easy for you to create the dream bed.

Among the popular Junior-bed, you will find many different universes and series. You will find the cheaper bed systems like Basic and Ida-Marie, but you will also find the Hoppekids Premium, which has a warranty for life. Common to them all is that they have the Nordic Ecolabel. You can hear more about the Nordic Ecolabel and the many beds in the video on this page.

Mammashop has a large selection of Hoppekids bed’s and furniture. We are always ready to give you guidance and advise, so do not hesitate to take contact, if you need help.

Hoppekids is a Danish-owned children’s furniture factory with a big love for the environment – and functional furniture for the children room. That is why multiple of Hoppekids furniture carries the Nordic Ecolabel, and in all of the productions, it is being taken into account to protect the environment and the nature. The surface on all of their furniture are treated with water-based, ecofriendly varnish.

If you buy furniture from Hoppekids you will be guaranteed a durable piece of furniture of high quality, which will have a very little impact on the environment and indoor-environment. At the same time, you will be guaranteed a high safety and with multiply of opportunities to modify the furniture into the need of your child - and even if that need will change.

Hoppekids’ creative textile universe will make sure your imagination is the only limit in the rooms. The different themes will bring your kid on an adventure with knights, princesses, dinosaurs or the beautiful unicorn. The only limit is the imagination.

Mammashop does have a large selection of Hoppekids beds and furniture. We are always ready to give you guidance and advise, so do not hesitate to make contact, if you need help.

Who is behind Hoppekids?

As mentioned before, Hoppekids is a Danish Company.

René Stenvang founded the company back in 1996, and that gives Hoppekids more than 20 years of experience with producing Ecofriendly furniture in a high quality for kids.

René is a father of three children. Which means he knows the struggles with decorating children rooms and making it all fit to the children’s individual needs and age. It was with this knowledge in mind that René decided to develop children’s furniture in a high quality. To Hoppekids, environment and durability is a priority, because it would not make sense to produce furniture to children, if it at the same time is ruing the earth they will inherit one day. That is why Hoppekids is taking initiative to make the furniture as ecofriendly as possible. You can read it below here.

Hoppekids says itself, that their children furniture are designed with heart and soul, which means the focus, is durability and quality – and furthermore Hoppekids supports many different initiatives, who helps ensure the world, we as adults leave to our children.

Nordic eco-labeled children’s beds in FSC-certificated wood

As the first company in the world, Hoppekids succeeded to get the Nordic Ecolabel to their bed series BASIC and PREMIUM. Later they had their IDA-MARIE junior beds and ANTON cot eco-labeled as well.

The Nordic Ecolabel is your guarantee that in all parts of the products life cycle, the greatest possible consideration has been given to the environment, the people who works with the products, and not at least the children who will use the products.

All the Hoppekids-furniture are produced of FSC-certified wood, which is produces under strict commands, strict principles and a follow-up control. Furthermore, are all the furniture treated with water-based, ecofriendly vanish without unnecessary chemicals.

Hoppekids made the choice, because it is so important for the company to produce sustainable children furniture – and that is something you can be sure of with Hoppekids.

Functional furniture in a high quality

At Hoppekids they have through the last 20 years gained a lot of experience with the children rooms – how children would like to build, rebuild, design and make changes in their rooms by themselves. Therefore, they do know how the need of the children and demands for the dream-room changes over time.

However, it can be a big and expensive task to keep redecorate the children room in new ways. That is why Hoppekids is trying to create multi-functional furniture with various opportunities and with a long life span.

That is why many of Hoppekids furniture are modular, so they can be transformed to your child’s actual need and wishes. A great example of this, are the bed-systems BASIC and PREMIUM. Both are designed so you, with baseline in a junior-bed, can build the bed exactly as you want. If you are looking for a halfhigh bed, it is possible to use a modular in half the usual size, and there you go – a halfhigh bed. If one day you will get tired of the halfhigh bed, it is easy to remove the modular.

At the same time, the beds are so tenable that they can be passed on from older siblings, and thanks to the many opportunities for accessories, it makes it easy to fit to the wishes of the younger brother or sister.

Safety in the children room

You are probably familiar with the worries that comes with the role as a parent. Is everything safe enough? Am I doing something wrong? Moreover, how can I make sure, that my child is doing well? All these worries are familiar to Hoppekids and that is why they spend so much time and energy on the safety on their children furniture and beds.

That is why all Hoppekids furniture are being tested, just so you can be sure that with a Hoppekids

Anton – Eco-labeled babybed

Hoppekids are very focused on the environment – and that is why it is chosen to work on getting their furniture eco-labeled. Many of the Hoppekids furniture already carries the Nordic Ecolabel – and one of the newest furniture to carry that label is the Hoppekids ANTON babybed, as the only babybed in the world carrying the Nordic Ecolabel. That makes ANTON babybed a great choice for you who are looking for a babybed. The Nordic Ecolabel makes sure the production obeying to strict commands concerning the environment and sustainability.

Furthermore, the materials – wood and paint – are free from toxic chemicals, which means you can without any worries put your baby to sleep in one of the lovely ANTON baby-beds from Hoppekids.

Bed bumper – extra safety and cozy

Hoppekids bed bumper creates a cozy and soft barrier between your child and the bed. The bed bumper will shield your child against cold and draught, and at the same time give your child some extra peace, because it will shield from the surroundings and make it easier to fall asleep.

If you have a future soccer player, the bed bumper will create a soft barrier and protect extra, if the small foot should kick in the sides of the bed.

The bed bumper from Hoppekids is made of cotton wool wrapped in soft cotton. The bed bumper is mounted with cute short ties and the bumper is closed using Velcro and can easily be washed at 30 degrees.

Available in more colors, and as a cradle bumper.

Junior-beds in multiple sizes and colors

When your child is getting a bit taller – and are growing out of the babybed – it is time for a junior-bed. Junior beds from Hoppekids is available in different sizes: 70x160 cm, 70x190 cm and 90x200 cm.

Junior bed 70x160 cm is the natural replacement for the babybed, because the small size gives comfort, but at the same time, there is space to grow. Additionally, the bed fits into most rooms. The bed fits children up to around 8 years, depending on the height of your child.

Junior bed 90x200 cm is a big and lovely bed that can be used throughout childhood. It has a lot of space to grown on, and the length makes sure you can lay bedside your child, if there is a need for comfort or tuck-in.

Both the beds and the gorgeous textile-series comes in various colors. It will make it easier to decorate the dream room.

Bunk beds

If your children share a room, or often have sleepovers, it could benefit you to look at the Hoppekids selection of different bunk beds.

Many children thinks it is cozy to sleep together, because it gives a bit more comfort to hear the other one sleep. The lower bunk can always be used as a place to play during the day, and with a curtain, it can be turned into a cute little cave.

Hoppekids bunk beds follows the same strict safety- and environment requirements as all the other Hoppekids furniture, which makes it sure, that you will get a bunk bed in the best quality.

Buy Hoppekids at Mammashop

At Mammashop we love Hoppekids. That is why we have chosen to have the full assortment of furniture from Hoppekids.

Some of the furniture are in storage in Odense, Denmark, while other of the furniture are sent from Hoppekids storage as soon as you order. If we send from the storage in Odense, you will usually receive the furniture already the next day (weekdays) – if it is sent from Hoppekids’ own storage, the estimated delivery time will be 8-12 days. This is something we have chosen to do, because we do not want to limit your options to choose exactly that Hoppekids bed or children furniture you want. In other words, you can always find an entire Hoppekids assortment at Mammashop – and that means you can always find exactly the Hoppekids children furniture you are looking for.

What is the difference between Hoppekids Basic and Premium?

Hoppekids are known for, among other things, their Basic- and Premium series. It is two different series, where price and quality are different. Both series are made in an impressive quality, but with Premium, you will have more options to buy modular. That makes it possible to assemble the bed in many funny ways – just the way you want.

In addition, the Premium beds are built in thicker wood. The measure on Premium corner poles are 6,5x6,5 cm, and on Basic the measures are 5,2x5,2 cm

What is the deliverance time at Hoppekids?

Most of the Hoppekids beds are sent directly from their storage. The deliverance time is normally 8-12 days, all depending on when you order. We are always recommending you to keep in mind when you need to use it, and order it in advance.

What does it mean that the furniture is Nordic Eco-labeled?

Hoppekids furniture has the Nordic Ecolabel, which means that they are produced sustainably. Among other things, environmental accounts must be presented for the entire production. Right from the cut-down of the trees to the finished delivered product. Likewise, it is not allowed to use toxic chemicals at the preparation of the furniture. Therefore, you will get a label on the furniture, to make sure that the furniture are safe and healthy for you and your child (and for the environment)

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