Privacy policy

Mammashop has a clear policy for processing your customer data. We are very careful to prevent and avoid any misuse of your data and at the same time provide the best possible service to our customers.

Data policy at Mammashop

- Mammashop does not pass on data to third parties.

- Mammashop does not send information from third parties to our customers, such as advertising for other companies.

- You can at any time request to be removed from mailing lists, or to be completely removed from Mammashop customer databases. All you have to do is to contact us about it. We basically store your information until you ask us to remove it. We do this for easier execution of orders for your future orders placed on

- At any time, you can be informed of what information Mammashop may have about you, and you can make objections, cf. the Personal Data Processing Act. In such cases, you must contact Mammashop customer service at

- We process your data in a SSL-encrypted database. This database is accessible to all Mammashop employees.

- All employees at Mammashop have the opportunity to see your customer data. 

What data do we store and for how long?

- Personal information (name, address) cannot be deleted until 5 years after the date of purchase, due to the Accounting Act's section on traceability for up to 5 years.

- Email address is stored in our email system to make us able to send you targeted newsletters. For this, your name is saved, in order to personalize the experience. This information can be deleted as soon as desired. This can be done by unsubscribing at the bottom of every email we send, or by contacting us.

- We store log statistics and your visit history on our website in order to personalize and target ads to you. This data is stored for up to 180 days.


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