Baby Dan Perfect Close child gate - pre-mounted white

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New press-mounted safety grille with extra width and silent close function from Babydan.

When you are busy, it is possible to slam the grid instead of closing it by virtue of the smart Quick Close feature . At the same time, the Perfect Close grid is locked so that your child cannot open it. Along with the double locking mechanism, a silent close function has been added so that the grille does not make the tricky metal click sound.

The grille can be opened both ways and the handle can be opened with a single hand.

< < P> The extra wide metal security grille covers openings between 77.3 and 83.5 cm, which is suitable for both doorways and stairs.

The grid is fixed under pressure and does not leave holes in the wall or door frame after use. At the same time, it has a built-in security indicator that makes it easy to see if the grid is fitted correctly.

The grille is stylish in Danish designs, and lives up to the latest European Security Standard EN 1930: 2011

Top Features :

  • Super wide security grille: 83.5 cm/32.8
  • Quick Close: Slap the grid in when you're busy
  • Silent Close Feature: When You will not wake your baby
  • Extra secure: also to the top of the stairs