Doomoo Nursing Pillow / Pregnancy Pillow - Light gray melange

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During pregnancy, the pillow provides support and relief and a more comfortable seating or sleeping position. The pillow is recommended by midwives for pregnant women who have problems with the pelvic floor or problems with sleeping. The pillow is firmly between the legs and the head. The pillow then supports the stomach and relieves the pelvic floor's opening.

As a nursing pillow, the pillow works optimally with its small EPS balls. They cause the pillow to keep its hardness through breastfeeding and will not collapse. In this way, the baby gets optimal breastfeeding position and does not lose its grip on the nipple, while the mother gets good support for shoulders, neck and back. Doomoos combined breastfeeding and pregnancy pads have several smart features. It can also be used as a pleasant support for the baby, both when baby is lying on the stomach and on the back, as well as a safe sitting backrest or as a seating chair. It also works well as a reading pillow for both children and adults.

The pillowcase is made of organic cotton knit. The cover is removable and machine washing at 30 degrees. The inner cushion can also be washed in machine at 30 degrees. EPS balls have an antibacterial feature that is advantageous in breastfeeding situations. Bacteria cannot survive naturally in the pillow.

EPS balls contain a lot of air, so the balls become flat after massive use over a longer period. Therefore, Doomoo's quality pads can be refilled via a zipper on the inner cushion. Doomoos EPS balls and extra upholstery can be found here at the shop.

Product Size: 180 cm

Packing Size: 74x42x17 cm 1 P>

Material: Cover in 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane.

Pillow 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane.

Fill: EPS balls made of 100% polystyrene.

Wash: 30 degrees in machine.