Leander Classic cradle 50x83 cm including mattress - Gray

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Your newborn baby needs lots of sleep to grow and develop. All that we have integrated into the design of the Leander Classic ™ cradle. It is a safe base that stimulates your child's senses. The cradle hangs from one single point - either from ceiling or tripod. It can therefore sway calmly and freely in all directions. With the soft movements, your child experiences a rocking and familiar feeling that reminds the time in the stomach. The movements seem both soothing and relaxing as they stimulate your baby's senses, balance and motorcycle.
  • Oval form creates a calm and safe for your child
  • cradle swaying with free And calm movements that remind your baby of time in the stomach
  • The calm movements stimulate your child's balance, senses and motorcycles
  • Suitable for babies between 0 and 6 months
  • < Li> can hang in the ceiling or tripod
  • Easy to move around from room to room
  • cradle covers of 100% organic cotton
  • Cold foam mattress ensures optimal lying comfort and ventilation

Dimensions: H: 30 cm, b: 50 cm, l: 83 cm


  • Frame: Steel
  • Cradle bag: 100 % Organic Cotton

Product Weight: 5.2 kg

Approvals: European Standard for child safety

Bearing capacity: 10 kg

included: ceiling hook, mattress

Certifications: EN 1130

Warranty: 3 years on all wood and metal parts

< P> Maintenance: Washer bag and ribbon are washed at max. 60 ° C, without the use of bleach. Other parts are wiped off with a slightly damp cloth