Leander Heaven for Classic baby bed - Dusty blue

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The fine, light sky frames the Leander Classic ™ baby bed, and at the same time acts as a protective cave for the baby. The sky is designed for the sky stick for the Classic ™ baby bed and can be mounted quickly and easily.
  • highlights the aesthetic design of the Classic ™ baby bed
  • creates tranquility and security that makes it easier for your child to fall asleep
  • Fine, half-transparent voile quality made of a cotton and polyester mixture
  • With the sky stick, the sky can be attached to one of the ends of the bed or sides
  • 3 beautiful colors that fit the bedding
  • can be washed at 40 ° C and is suitable for dryer
Dimensions: B: 390 cm, l: 180 cm Material: 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester Product weight: 0.29 kg Warranty: 2 years Maintenance: Wash at max. 40 ° C.