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Metal tricycle bike from Dutch Trybike, which has many years of experience selling and now also designing running bikes. The running bike, here in vintage green, has retrolook, brown saddle and large beige wheels with visible spokes. It is good for a smaller child who needs to train balance and the feeling of their own body. Here the child can safely get started with life as a cyclist without the danger of overturning in the trial. Once the child has found the balance, the bike can easily be turned into a two -wheeled one of a kind - without extra parts. The front wheel can sit at two heights and the seat is adjusted from 30 to 45 centimeters, so the bike can be adapted to a child between 15 months and six years. It weighs 6.3 kilos as the tricycle, but it is turned into a two -wheeler weighs 5.2 kilos. The bike has a small ledge to the feet, so when the bike is well underway and the balance is found, it is easy to rope off. With the bike comes stickers in different designs, so the child can choose which expression the bike should have. Although the bike is intended for outdoor use, Trybike recommends that it be stored inside when not in use. Trybike in metal has only been on the market for a very short time, but has already won the Baby Innovation Award 2018.

  • Age: 1.5 years to 5-6 years
  • Good for balance training
  • lightweight metal
  • Retrolook
  • Winner of the Baby Innovation Award 2018
  • Adjustable height of front wheel and seat
  • ledge to the feet

nb. Keep your Trybike bike in a warm, dry and well -ventilated place at room temperature.
The bike must not be stored outdoors or in a cold and humid storage room. Use the supplied bag for storing the long or short shaft when not in use.