Doomoo Inclined Baby Pillow - Wide

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Doomoo basics pads A soft and slightly sloping mattress cushion with two side supports that keep the baby secure on the back without rolling around the stomach. Infections and improves digestion.

Doomoo Basics Recliner is made of pressure -relieving memory foam to reduce the risk of skull symmetry. Memory foam is a high quality foam that remembers the round shape of the head. Children are born with a soft moldable skull, if the child is on a hard surface and / or a uniform position, the child can develop skull symmetry.

The main part of the outer fabric is made of 3D-MASH, a material that can breathe so that the child does not get too hot and this reduces the risk of suffocation. The entire cover can be machine washed at 40 degrees and can be drying in low heat. Side supports are recommended from newborns up to 6 months. After the children have started to get up alone, the side cushions are removed and the lounger can be used as a luxurious memory foam pad for several years.

Back position is recommended to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

The side supports means that the lying resting works excellently when sleeping together in the adult's bed to reduce clamping risk.

Leading support wide suitable for cot, also available as a lounger narrow for stroller and cradle.

Facts Doomoo Basics Lieutenant support wide

- Keeps the baby securely on the back

- gives a slightly sloping laid back position

- memory foam, prevents skull symmetry

Dimensions: 60x40x6 cm Wash: Machine wash 40 degrees, dryer at low temperature Material: Cover: 100% polyester (Ökotex certified), treated with polyurethane. Filling: 100% polyurethane (memory foam).