Sebra Classic 70x112.5 cm mattress for baby and junior bed including extension part.

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Delicious thick mattress designed and adapted to the classic sebra bed . The mattress is adapted so that it works to the Sebra bed whatever it is composed as a baby or junior bed. It is made of eco-tex certified cold foam with wool on one side. The cover itself is in gray and 100% cotton which can be removed and washed. The mattress consists of 2 parts, respectively. a baby mattress as well as an additional mattress used when the bed is pulled out and used as a junior bed.

Length: 112.5 cm

Width: 70 cm

Height : 10 cm

Supplement: 42.5 x 70 x 10 cm

Washing instructions 60 degrees.

& nbsp;

Sebra mattress, Classic, Baby & amp; Jr. is a delicious special mattress with good comfort and cold blocking that fits the Sebra bed, Baby & Amp; Jr.

SEBRA MAIRS, CLASSIC, BABY & AMP; Jr. is standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® certified (2076-313 DTI). A product certification that guarantees you as a consumer that the finished product does not contain health and environmentally harmful chemistry residues.

Sebra Mattress is a two -piece special mattress with rounded corners that makes the mattress fit the Sebra bed, Baby & amp; Jr. Both in the baby stage and as extracted junior bed. Use the largest mattress piece in the first period and add the small additional piece to the foot end of the bed when the bed is pulled out to junior bed.

< span> sebra mattress, classic, baby & amp; Jr. consists of a firm and breathable cold foam mattress, which is characterized by a great load -bearing capacity and long life and is therefore very suitable for comfort products. On the underside of the mattress is a wool layer which ensures that the cold does not pull up through the mattress. The wool has unique temperature-regulating properties and is odor and bacterial resistant.

mattress is covered with a quilted cotton velor cover with Sebra Logo. Each mattress piece has a YKK zipper so that the removal is made easy.

Maximum Interior Dimensions on the Baby Boy, which the mattress is suitable to: 112.5 cm x 70 cm.

MAXIMUM INTERNAL DIMINATION ON THE JUNIOR BED, as as a junior mattress (baby + junior SUPPLY Piece) Suitable for: 155 cm x 70 cm.


Sebra Mattress, Classic, Baby & Amp; Jr. Has rounded corners and is a special mattress for the Sebra bed, Baby & amp; Jr. Use the baby mattress when the Sebra bed is assembled as a cot and add the junior supplement when the bed is pulled out to junior bed. Do not place the junior additional piece on top of the baby mattress, but by extension of each other. Do not use the product if parts of it are broken, torn or defects, and use only spare parts approved by Sebra.


Do not use more than one mattress in bed (baby cot and pull-out bed). Span>
Pay attention to the risk associated with open fire and other powerful heat sources, e.g. Electric heater, gas stoves, etc. near the cot. (cradle and cots).
tested and approved according to EN16890: 2017 (Children's furniture-Mattresses for crochets and cradles).


cover: 100 % Cotton Welle.

mattress: PU foam w/layer of wool on the underside.


mattress is developed To be able to follow the child and the Sebra bed, Baby & amp; Jr. In the first many years of life and you can extend the mattress life if you maintain it and take good care of it.

use a roll mattress and possibly a wetland layer that can protect the mattress from, for example, urine, gylp, sickle, vomiting and sweat.
Turn especially the largest mattress piece 2-4 times a year , so the head and footing swaps space and so the mattress does not shape strongly according to your child's anatomy.
Vacuums like the mattress once in a while to leave that dust and dirt penetrates and remember to vent out
We do not recommend to let a mattress inherit from child to child for hygienic and physiological reasons.

Washing Instructions

UP : Machine wash 60 ° C gently. Do not bleach. Do not tumbles. Iron at maximum temperature (110 ° C), steam can cause damage. Chemical cleansing allowed. The cover should be mounted in slightly moist condition.

mattress: Hand wash.

About Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®:
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® is The product brand with the nickname Confidence of textiles that can be set on products that meet the requirements set in the standard. It is a voluntary certification and labeling scheme and the world's leading labeling for textiles and textile-like products that have been examined for health and environmentally harmful substances. A product brand that ensures you as a consumer that all components (eg sewing thread, filling, fabric and sewing marks) of the product have been tested for harmful substances.