Sebra Crocheted rattle - Mushroom

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Hand crochet rattle designed as a sponge. Since this product is hand -crocheted, each product is unique, which is why there are variations in the expression as well. The motif is made of organic cotton and filled with recycled polyester.

This rattle with the shape of a mushroom in the mushroom family, is hand -crocheted and inside it has a pleasant bell that gives sound when the rattle is shaken. The fungus can be used as a rattle and toys in the child's first year and then act as a toy for store games, decoration for a landscape or whatever the child can now find.

rattle is filled with soft, recycled Polyester, which is secured in a small fabric bag that prevents the filling from finding its way out through the yarn.

the rattle is designed in Denmark and the crochet part is handmade, which is why every rattle is unique and has its very own charm.

a fine gift idea for child baptism or the first maternity visit.

< Strong> on recycled polyester filling
The filling is made of 100 % recycled polyester from plastic bottles, which have been collected and cleaned, after which they are striped, remelted and made into new recycled fibers. The plastic bottles thus get a new life instead of just ending up as waste.